Robert Craig Drops First NFT Collection

Robert Craig Wine NFTs are on the horizon! Robert Craig’s team has been working hard behind the scenes to launch the first ever Robert Craig wine NFT Collection in partnership with Cuvee Collective. The collection will provide wine NFT holders access to unique benefits and experiences and are launching TODAY, September 12th, at 2:00pm! 

As some may ask why NFT collections could benefit Robert Craig and the wine industry in general, our response is this: diversifying our approach to sales and consumer experience is one of the key motivations behind the partnership with Cuvée Collective.

“As technology comes in, our biggest question has been how do we maintain the romance of wine? Generation Z should want to come to Napa Valley, experience the wine, the beautiful scenery and the story behind it all. NFTs are a way to bring that experience to new people and give them ownership of that experience and I think (NFTs) can definitely be used to narrate the story of wine. I’m excited to see what sort of wider audiences these NFTs will attract to the wine industry, and exactly what sort of benefits will make them keen to engage with our brand.”

– Elton Slone, President/CEO of Robert Craig Winery

Benefits for Robert Craig Wine NFT Holders

  1. An In-person Wine Tasting Experience at Howell Mountain
    The purchaser + up to 5 guests are offered an experience at the summit of Howell Mountain at a private winery estate (6 guests total). This tasting experience will be a privately hosted exploration of Robert Craig’s Howell Mountain estate wines, focused on past (library), present, and future (barrel) productions. The NFT holder and their guests will enjoy a private mountain summit property during their tasting and have the unique opportunity to taste wines from ‘Robert’s Block’. Robert Craig will provide all NFT holders with an etched and hand painted bottle of Robert’s Block wine available for pick-up after completing the tasting experience.
  2. Robert Craig Digital Wine Tasting Appointment
    All Robert Craig Winery NFT holders can schedule a digital tasting via the Cuvée Collective concierge (if you have purchased wine from Robert Craig’s website).
  3. Robert’s Block Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
    Robert Craig Winery produces 25 cases of Robert’s Block estate cabernet per annum from the highest summit in Napa Valley on Hollow Mountain. Robert Craig will provide all NFT holders with an etched and hand-painted bottle of Robert’s Block wine available at the conclusion of the tasting experience.

51 Robert Craig Winery NFTs are being offered.

They can be purchased on the Cuvée Collective website 

Want to check out more about our Wine NFT Collection and Cuvee Collective? Check out this video: