Amentet Estate Vineyard, Mount Veeder

ACRES: 6.5
VARIETALS: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc

Perched at 1,700’ of elevation along Wall Road on the north end of the Mount Veeder AVA, this 6.5-acre vineyard is destined for greatness. After 22 vintages of purchasing fruit on a handshake contract with the late actor Robin Williams from the neighboring Pym Rae vineyard, it was a joy to receive a first harvest from our own immaculate young vineyard in 2016.

We christened the property Amentet Vineyard, after the Egyptian Goddess of the West. With the “rebirth” of our Veeder Cab, Amentet (pronounced “AH-men-TETT”) seems the perfect patroness—the goddess of fertility and rebirth, who was often depicted with a hawk perched upon her head. Given the number of red tails spotted from our new vineyard, this seems particularly providential.

The site was planted and managed by the same man who farmed the neighboring Pym Rae vineyard for Robin for more than two decades, and it is no surprise that the resulting wines are so similar. The sandy, gravel-based soils of shale with a sandstone topsoil produce wines that are black in color with very low PH values and naturally high acids. A perfect combination for longevity. The beauty of this warmer, fog-free northern section of Mount Veeder is that the wines are free of any unwanted vegetal or rustic characteristics that can affect cooler climate sites to the south.

We wish the Chateau Pontet Canet folks, the Tesseron family, ‘‘Bon Chance!” with Robin’s former estate and Pym Rae vineyard next door while we look to continue our legacy of Mount Veeder Cabernet greatness that Bob Craig kicked off more than 30 years ago. 

Wines from this Property

Bottle of Robert Craig Cabernet Sauvignon
Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon